Image Credits

The following images have been used on this site:

© The National Gallery, London

  • The Ambassadors – Hans Holbein (1533)
  • An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump – Joseph Wright of Derby (1768)
  • Ulysses Deriding Polyphemus – J.M.W. Turner (1829)
  • Surprised! Tiger in a Tropical Storm – Henri Rousseau (1891)

© Tate Modern, London

  • Lobster Telephone – Salvador Dali (1936)
  • Woman and Bird in the Moonlight – Joan Miro (1949)
  • Snail – Henri Matisse (1953)
  • Whaam! – Roy Lichtenstein (1963)

© The Victoria and Albert Museum, London

  • Akbar Riding a Demented Elephant – Unknown Artist (1590-5)
  • The Great Wave – Katsushika Hokusai (c.1829-33)

© Birmingham Museum and City Art Gallery

  • The Last of England – Ford Maddox Brown (1855)


  • Poster of 1948 London Summer Olympic Games designed by Walter Herz

© Museum of Modern Art, New York

  • Starry Night – Vincent Van Gogh (1889)
  • Broadway Boogie Woogie – Piet Mondrian (1942/3)

© Vatican Museums, Vatican City

  • The Creation of Adam (from the Sistine Chapel) – Michelangelo Buonarroti (c. 1511)

Use of images on

Images of artworks held under copyright by others are used here on the basis of ‘fair use’. This is because:

  • Magic Lantern is an educational, not-for-profit registered charity
  • The images are low resolution copies of the original works and would be unlikely to impact  sales of prints or be usable as a desktop wallpaper
  • The owning institution is clearly stated and linked to, and visitors to  are encouraged to go and visit the institutions wherever possible

If you are the owner of a work shown here, and would like the image to be removed from please contact us and we will be happy to remove it.

Gallery and Museum Links

Most of the art works shown and discussed in Magic Lantern sessions can be seen in galleries and museums in London and around the UK.