Magic Lantern at Home!

How to use these resources

  • These resources were originally created during the lockdown period for teachers and parents to help children explore art. We believe that it is much more useful for children to give their own ideas and responses to art rather than just focussing on names and dates. Looking at art helps them develop a range of skills including observation, communication and problem solving as well as helping them make connections between what they see and their own lives and experiences. And it can be great fun!
  • We suggest that you choose one artwork at a time, and, after looking at it and answering the questions, you do one or more of the follow-on art or literacy activities. NB. Click on the image to see it full-screen.
  • After children have given their responses you can read them our suggested answers (in bold) before asking the next question.
  • We recommend that you do not give any factual information about the painting to the children before they look at it (including the artist’s name, dates and painting title). Their responses will be more natural if they approach an art work without already knowing about it. We have included a link to each painting’s gallery or museum webpage so you can read more about it afterwards.
  • The bigger you can show the artworks the better! If it is in the classroom then a whiteboard is ideal. Otherwise a computer screen or tablet are best. Smartphones will make it hard to see the images properly.
  • Please get in touch if you have any questions or feedback about these resources or any aspects of our work:

Please also feel free to share your children’s comments or their own works of art inspired by this one on Twitter or Instagram.

Years 1-2

Years 3-4

Years 5-6