School sessions

Imagine stepping into a painting and discovering what’s inside…  Magic Lantern has been turning classrooms into pop-up art galleries since 1994 and is the only organisation of its type in the UK.  During our workshops children explore and engage with famous artworks and discover the world of art from cave paintings to Cubism, Gothic to Graffiti.

The presentation delivery was excellent with detailed subject knowledge pitched well for the pupils’ age range. Thank you! There are many elements which I can now explore in my teaching to extend the children’s learning.
Teacher, London Borough of Barnet

About Magic Lantern workshops:

  • A rich and rewarding experience that is available to anyone regardless of age, ability or background
  • Paintings and sculptures can tell amazing stories, teach jaw-dropping facts and raise issues from race and gender to relationships and the environment
  • Gives new perspectives to all subject areas and ignites a passion for culture
  • Helps develop skills including communication, visual observation, speaking and listening, critical thinking and confidence
  • Allows for fun and educational interaction throughout the workshops including role-play soundscapes, freeze-frames and dialogue


  • Take a journey around the world from London to Europe, India, Africa, Japan and beyond
  • Travel back in time to see what life was like in the time of the Tudors, the Victorians or the Blitz
  • Conjure up the sounds, smells, thrills and spills of the Ancient Greek Olympics
  • Hear incredible stories and tell some of your own
  • Meet an exciting cast of characters that make us begin to look at ourselves in a new way

Cost: £60 per workshop in all state schools; book six and get one free. Our workshop prices include travel and administrative costs and all equipment and materials. In many areas we are able to offer free workshops thanks to generous donations from charitable foundations and private individuals. Please enquire to see whether your borough is covered.

A fantastic workshop engaging all the children, including those who struggle with the curriculum.
Teacher, London Borough of Greenwich